Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Auckland - Mt Roskill revisted

From Wikipedia: Mount Roskill is named after the Mount, which is to the southwest end of the suburb, is 110 metres in height, and is one of the many extinct cones which dot the isthmus of Auckland, all of which are part of the Auckland Volcanic Field. Located seven kilometres to the south of the city centre, Mount Roskill is surrounded by the neighbouring suburbs of Three Kings, Sandringham, Wesley, Hillsborough and Mount Albert. The Mount Roskill shops are located at the intersection of Mount Albert and Dominion Roads.
One of the city's larger suburbs, it was largely farmland until after the Second World War. It was a separate borough from 1947 until local government reorganisation in 1989 amalgamated it with Auckland City.
In the past, Mount Roskill was referred to as the Bible Belt of Auckland, as it contains the highest number of churches per capita in New Zealand.
Mt Roskill is an ethnically diverse community with at least 54 different nationalities represented there, making it one of the most diverse suburbs in New Zealand. A mix of Indians, Pacific Islanders, Europeans, and various East and South Asian groups make this middle class community interesting.

It was here that I grew up and lived until I was 13. Dominion Road Primary School, which I attended was across the road from our house and the suburbs shopping center was 5 minutes walk away.

I returned here last Sunday afternoon and made these photographs in and around the now tired looking shops. Gone are the family run variety stores I remember, replaced by cheap and cheerful ethnic restaurants and $2 shops. So much has changed..... although the local dairy is still there and much as it was.
The last picture is looking South to the Mount, Mount Roskill in the distance. You can see the Christmas Cross on its peak, which to the best of my knowledge stays there all year round.

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