Monday, May 28, 2007

My House My Head

My exhibition My House My Head opens at the Satellite Gallery Tuesday of next week June 5th. Here is what I've written about it. With few exceptions photographers mostly investigate other worlds, worlds outside their own. For the last fifteen years or so, this has been the basis of my practice. A dispassionate on-looker. Now, with this series, My House My Head, I am both the observer and the observed. I have turned the camera on myself, my life, to try and make sense of my world. To make a "snapshot" in time, to record the ordinary, my passions, my thoughts, what I see, what makes me, me. But when am I the observer? When am I the observed? This dichotomy makes the pictures for me emotionally loaded and highly subjective. Is it possible to separate these two opposing positions? Can I be in any way objective? Am I only making pictures I want you to see? I want to see? These questions interrogate the very nature of process. The very nature of me.
This work is about change, impermanence, attachment, balance, family and my work. About location and distance and time passing. About memory, desire, love, passion, food and sex. Short on formalism, my pictures have always asked the viewer to bring something of themselves to the work to aid its reading. What can you bring from your life to help you read mine? What can you take from my life to help you better understand your own? Is my life so unusual? Only you can decide.

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