Friday, March 22, 2013

Photobooks - 5 arrivals in my postbox

Here are five recent arrivals in my post box, all original, inventive photobooks and well worth a look. With thanks to, Matej, Filipe, Bruno, Thomas and Gabriele. Website links are below.

AMERICA, MY WAY - Matej Sitar - I am a photography artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In my work I am discovering and capturing the relationship between the individual and his surroundings. Besides the co text, the visualization plays a big role in my photographs.

BLUE MUD SWAMP - Filipe Casaca - my home is where you are, Lisbon, Portugal

COMPACT - Bruno Zhu 

HERRENREISE 2012 - Thomas Bonfert
thomasbonfert - Vienna, Austria

PELIKAN - Gabriele Harhoff
gabrieleharhoff - I am a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Anonymous said...

thank you !
nice greetings from vienna