Monday, March 11, 2013

Photobook MasterClass - Arles 2013

Arles 2012, Photobook Masterclass
It's good to see that Markus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Thekla Ehling, and Frederic Lezmi together with special guest Tina Schelhorn from Lichtblick School will be in Arles again this year to continue their successful series of hands-on Photobook workshops. These five offer a unique combination of photobook making expertise. Workshop participants are going to have their bookmaking game lifted with intensive input on editing, sequencing, design and production. Essentially, the tools to make a great photobook.

The workshop is limited to a maximum of ten participants each of whom will come away with a newly created photobook dummy of their own project.

The Program: June 28 - July 3, 2013
11am – 1 pm Morning Lectures  /  4 pm – 7 pm Work on the book dummies
Friday – Kick-off with review of all photobook projects of the participants
Saturday – Developing the Photobook: Dummies, Studies and More / Markus Schaden
Sunday – Sequencing the Photobook / Wolfgang Zurborn
Monday – Object and Desire / Frederic Lezmi and Thekla Ehling
Tuesday – Exhibiting the Photo Project / Tina Schelhorn
Wednesday – The Masterclass goes public: Exhibition, Screening, Party

You can find out more HERE at the Lichtblick School website 

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