Thursday, March 21, 2013

fototazo - a unique photography site

There are a lot of photography sites out there but fototazo is unique, and special. It's a  site that combines social giving and photography. Its mission is to raise funds to purchase equipment for young, emerging photographers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds from Colombia - and eventually from around the world - that demonstrate a high level of artistic ability and commitment. The grant program aims to serve those already building a career in photography whose development is currently limited by the inability to purchase necessary equipment.

Supporting fototazo not only allows a young photographer to continue their pursuit in the field, it also deepens the collective voice of contemporary photography by providing images from those who have historically been excluded from participating fully in the dialogue of the medium by its costs.

In addition to its microgrant program, fototazo runs an equipment delivery program explained here, coordinates a mentorship program for young emerging Colombian photographers discussed here, and also provides free bi-weekly photography classes in Medellín to the photographers selected to participate in the mentorship program.

fototazo features in-depth interviews and project releases of new work by selected contemporary photographers, writing from photographers on the work of other photographers and on their own images and an online gallery as well as more posts of original content. You can see the site links page for a complete listing of articles.

Donations to the current microgrant or to the fototazo general fund to support its operations can be made here. A page explaining how to apply for a grant can be found here.

For more information about how to donate used equipment, please send an email to

fototazo was launched January 26th, 2011 by Tom Griggs, a photographer and educator based in Medellín and Philadelphia.

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