Friday, October 30, 2009

Recreating the Berlin Wall

The idea is to create on the 9th November 2009, a line of people that will recreate the Berlin Wall with their physical presence, that would last for approximately 30 minutes.
The Berlin Wall project is about creating a " temporary monument of reflection". For the 20 year anniversary the Berlin Wall will be rebuilt, not from steel and concrete but with people.. to remember when Berlin became one again...

47,000 people are forming a human chain that will make its way on the 9th November (around 8.15pm) a chain exactly where the originally wall stood. This will create space for thinking together about separation and reunion... and show how a single person can move as part of a group.

Rather than being a twenty year memorial of the walls fall, its is much more about the scale of the human imagination, achievement and involvement, and it that could be used for the positive rather than the negative actions.. and is a project that can attract people from all different walks of life, age, profession, and class.

The wall when it was created was one of the clearest man-made divisions of people with different ideologies.
With mauer mob 09 project, the creation of the wall by people is more about saying that such divisions are no longer acceptable in todays society.. Its much more a rebellious statement of "borders were yesterday", than remembering the actual wall.

To join in this amazing event you can contact via facebook: Mauer Mob. 2009 - Recreating the Berlin Wall"

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