Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Auckland - 1969 revisited

Following an invitation to take part in a group show in Genoa, TAKING STOCK OF WOODSTOCK, a sort of celebration and remembrance of those heady days forty years ago, I went back through my stack of orange AGFA boxes full of black and white prints, photographs I'd made in Auckland in 1969 and 1970. Many of the pictures were made in Queen Street, Auckland's main street and were close-ups of people and now show evidence of buildings demolished long ago like the Rex Milkbar opposite the old Central Post Office and the Regent Cinema.

Today, I photograph quite differently both from the point of view of what I'm looking at and how I see it. And in digital color. I wonder now, how digital cameras, the internet and issues of privacy affect the making of photographs in public places like those I made then. Here are five of the images from the forty five I've edited out for the show.

It was great to make friends with these photographs again, I can feel a little book of the pictures coming on!


Te Kata said...

Great photographs Harvey. They have that sense of nostalgia about them to, for me especially, 24 and 39, because I can relate to those instances on a very similar personal level.

Anonymous said...

the hippie dude in photo one looks like hes smoked 5 doobies and munched his way thru 10 shrooms.....ah well thats the 60s for you :)