Friday, October 30, 2009

Better "What the Fuck" than "So What"

John Baldessari says he's interested in "fucking people up" when they look at his work. He also talks about "no more boring art". I like both these statements. It's one thing going along with these sentiments, and another making work that follows... It's a question of avoiding the predictable and the seen it all before. Easier said than done....

Here are some diptychs I made a couple of years ago, and have done nothing with. They are constructed from some late 60's found Kodachromes and some of my own pictures. Diptychs are dangerous territory as potentially one picture can cannibalize the other and the sum of the parts ends up less than the potency of the individual image. I hope I haven't fallen into that trap!

Working from the position that each picture contains a mini-narrative, I've combined images that seem on one level illogical together. What better way to "fuck people up" and and make the reader work harder. Better "What the fuck" than "So what".

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