Friday, January 13, 2017

Pierre Bessard, Publisher - a profile

Pierre Bessard

If you've ever spent time at any of the European Photography festivals, Paris, London, the Kassel Photobook festival you will probably have met Pierre Bessard. Pierre is unmistakably and flamboyantly Parisian and moreover a dedicated Sinophile with a passion for anything Chinese. This love of Chinese culture is central to the culture of Editions Bessard a unique publishing venture that makes photobooks of uncompromising excellence.

Pierre Bessard is profiled on the site Photography of China a website established by Marine Cabos an art historian specialized in the arts of China. The piece is well worth a read, you can do so HERE.

And you can go to the Editions Bessard website HERE.

In the following extract Pierre Bessard, with typical enthusiasm, outlines his philosophy:
Aesthete and precursor, Bessard Editions’ goal is to slide the world of photography into different prisms: novelty and originality, passion and excellence. This requires openness to the world, and permanent intellectual curiosity. We live in a hyper-communicating and hyper-connected society. We need to be receptive, to observe, in order to develop new ideas. My role is precisely to synthetise all the information, the exchange coming from various sources, whether they relate to the technological, cultural, and critical amongst other fields.
This publishing house intends to rethink the book format, to assert a savoir-faire, and to explore all facets of creativity, including design, art, typography, graphic design, bookbinding, and so forth. It reflects harmony, extravagance, inspiration, and passion. It is my role as a publisher to promote such values. 

Pieter Hugo, "Flat Noodle Soup Talk" bookwork

Editions Bessard - Bespoke collection

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