Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Photobooks 2016 - a list of the lists

Zzyzx – Gregory Halpern
Viory Schellekens is a Dutch documentary photographer whose work investigates social, political and economic issues. 
When not making photographs Schellekens has assembled the ultimate in photobook lists for 2016. A daunting task. 

Schellekens writes: Are you sure you're done with 2016?
In the last two months 162 different photographers, curators, collectors, bloggers, etcetera chose 546 photobooks as the most interesting, the best and their favourite books. They are collected in a meta-list. Here you can check out the top 140 of it. I added links to videos or articles about the books.

In this post I've only included those books that received 10 selections or more. To see the complete list you can go to this facebook link HERE.
And while you're at it you can check out Viory Schellekens work on her website HERE. It's well worth a look.
22 selections
* Zzyzx – Gregory Halpern
(Selected by Robin Titchener, Aaron Suman, Ron Jude, Leo Hsu, Tim Clark, Antone Dolezal, Moises Saman, Sarah Bradley, Christer Ehrling, Mark Power, Martin Amis, PDN, Peggy Sue Amison, Alvaro Matias, Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi, Anne Bourgeois-Vignon, American Photo, Sean O’Hagan, Bildband Berlin, Teju Cole, Vince Aletti, Homer Harianja) [https://vimeo.com/180167848]
16 selections
* Discordia – Moises Saman
(Selected by Rudi Thoemmes, Alice Gabriner, HAF, Anouk Kruithof, 10x10 Photobooks Team, Forrest Soper, Mark Power, Martin Amis, PDN, Colin Pantall, Atsushi Saito, Sean O’Hagan, Alvaro Matias, Rosy Santella, Bildband Berlin, Mark Murrmann)
14 selections
* Astres Noirs – Katrin Koenning and Sarker Protick
(Selected by Fiona Rogers, Laura El-Tantawy, 10x10 Photobooks Team, Awoiska van der Molen, Daniel Boetker-Smith, Eamonn Doyle, Martin Amis, Colin Pantall, Regina Anzenberger, Erik Vroons, Peggy Sue Amison, Françoise Callier, Sean O’Hagan, Bildband Berlin) [https://vimeo.com/165124864]
13 selections
* Libyan Sugar – Michael Christopher Brown
(Sarah Leen, Rob Hornstra, Anne Wilkes-Tucker, Jonas Cuénin, María García Yelo, Anne Bourgeois-Vignon, Alvaro Matias, American Photo, F.D. Walker, Teju Cole, Mark Murrmann, Elizabeth Avedon, Vince Aletti)
12 selections
* Sugar Paper Theories – Jack Latham
(Selected by Rob Hornstra, Yumi Goto for PhotoBookStore, Mark Power, Martin Amis, Clare Grafik, Matt Shonfeld, Teun van der Heijden, Iatã Cannabrava, Mariama Attah, Ramon Pez, Atsushi Saito, Tipi Photo Bookstore) [https://vimeo.com/182679010]
10 selections
* Anaesthesia – Valentina Abenavoli
(Gabriela Cendoya, Laura El-Tantawy, Mariela Sancari, Yumi Goto for PhotoBookStore, Jason Fulford, Bitume Photofest, Tipi Photo Bookshop, Rémi Coignet, Josef Chladek, Brad Feuerhelm)

Discordia – Moises Saman

Astres Noirs – Katrin Koenning & Sarker Protick

Libyan Sugar – Michael Christopher Brown

Sugar Paper Theories – Jack Latham

Anaesthesia – Valentina Abenavoli

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