Wednesday, January 4, 2017

John Baldessari at Marion Goodman London


John Baldessari opens at Marion Goodman London next week, January 10, with a show – Miro and Life in General. In this series Baldessari continues to explore the correlations and disparities between photography and painting. His work with text and photography from the sixties has explored these dichotomies. More recently Baldessari has moved to address issues of art history exploring the medium of 20th century painting juxtaposing paintings with contemporary elements, text and photography.
Each work in this show features a detail from one particular Miro painting and pairs it with a seemingly incongruous classic Hollywood film still which Baldessari refers to as ‘Life in General’. Viewers are asked to respond in their own way and to create their own composite meaning. Ultimately these new works question the artist's own place within the canon of art history itself.

You can read more on the Marion Goodman website HERE. The show runs until February 25th. And you can check out Baldessari's website HERE.

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