Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Torinaomi - a webmag from Brooklyn but not necessarily of...

I received this email the other day: 

Hi Harvey, My friends, Neilson Tam, Meron Menghistab and I, Nicholas Ludwig, have been working on an online magazine that we put together each month. The project stems from an idea to keep photographing and generating new ideas about photographs and traveling and living. We all attended university together in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology. We now live in Brooklyn and hang out a lot and love looking at new photographs. We have three issues we put together over the past couple months and our most recent issue is about Roosevelt Island. Roosevelt Island is a strange island smushed in between Manhattan and Queens with no land bridge to Manhattan, only accessible by car from Queens, we enjoyed exploring it. We hope you enjoy our photographs. 

Apart from liking much of the work it made me want to get back to Brooklyn and explore some more. More ideas and more photographs. 

You can see Neilson's, Meron's and Nicholas's work for yourself by going to Torinaomi HERE. It's well worth a look. And oh, there are no white, twenty-something Upper East-siders running naked in The Hamptons! Thank God!

Here are some pictures:

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