Friday, August 24, 2012

The PHOTOBOOKSTORE UK - A guide to best photobooks for 2012, so far...

The UK's Photobookstore specializes in rare, signed and out of print photobooks. Here is a list of what they see as the "greatest hits" so far for 2012. The list is Part 2, Part 1 must be lurking on their site somewhere, however I couldn't find it.
Antoine d'Agata - ICE
Favourite Photobooks of 2012, Part II
We have recently put together the 2nd in our guides to the best photobooks so far of 2012. Check out our blog to see the full list with accompanying video previews HERE.

1. Anders Petersen – Soho
A brilliant look at contemporary Soho, London with all the grainy tones of the 1970s.

2. Anders Petersen – City Diary
A highly recommended 3 book set of Petersen’s unnerving gaze at an intimate chaotic existence world.

3. Found Photos in Detroit
Thousands of abandoned “found” photographs skillfully assembled into an enigmatic ghostly archive.

4. Takuma Nakahira – Circulation, Date, Place, Events
A previously unpublished set of images from 1971 beautifully brought back to life in this elegant production.

5. Antoine d’Agata – Ice
Not for the faint-hearted, but nobody makes images quite like d’Agata.

German master Michael Schmidt’s long term project on the food production chain impeccably presented in this huge limited edition slipcased hardback.

Another expertly sequenced and subtly detailed photobook by Gerry Johansson.

One of the finest Araki productions of recent years in this photobook event.

Other notable releases include Paul Graham - The Present, Lucas Foglia - A Natural Order, Max de Esteban's Elegies of Manumission and Daido Moriyama titles Journey for Something, Okinawa and Color. Please do let us know what your favourite photobooks have been so far in 2012.


Martin Amis said...

The 1st part is here:-

- It's just a personal choice of the books I have seen, and in many cases they are certainly not the best-selling books.


Martin (PhotoBookStore)

Harvey's Blog said...

Thanks Martin, I'll have a look at Part 1, and yes, best selling doesn't necessarily mean the book is good, cheers, Harvey

Johan said...

Hi. A lot of really great books, and three from Sweden : )

A would like to add a couple of books:
Viviane Sassen. Die son sien alles
Burn Magazine
Kristina de Middel Afronauts
Maybe Christer Strömholm Post Scriptum
The dutch Photobook
Another Rafal Milach. In the car with R
Tiane Doan na Champassak. The father of Pop dance.
Laia Abril. Thinspiration.

All the best Johan Brink