Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paul Graham, an overview

Recently I came across this site, Lost in Publications. The site offers a comprehensive overview of the work of a handful of photographers all of whom I admire. These include Rob Hornstra, Rinko Kawauchi, Rineke Dijkstra and most recently Paul Graham.

The sites author, Sören, has traced the evolution of Graham's practice with images from his bookworks and commentary.  Well worth a look and a read. 

Included in the text is this pointed quote from Paul which comes from an interview with Aaron Schuman in the online photography magazine SEESAW. The interview  is well worth a read, you can go to it HERE.

"I’m very interested in what keeps this medium alive and moving forward, not just for myself but for the readers/viewers/public. We can all point out cases of rather dead, moribund photography, even sincere reportage photography, where however worthy the intentions of the photographer, however hard they have worked, they’re using a language that has essentially dried up and fails to reach people. If the images have become clichéd, it’s self-defeating."

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