Monday, January 23, 2012


When I was in Rome last October I met with Marco Delongu director of FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma. Marco had just produced Alec Soth's commissioned book project La Belle Dame Sans Merci which follows commissioned series on Rome by Guy Tillim, Anders Petersen, Martin Parr and Tod Papageorge.
Alec's oversized book was a mastery of design and production. I decided in my week in Rome to make some pictures and a bookwork that was at the other end of the scale, simple and unadorned. And well, a pocket guide to Rome.....

Here it is. The bookwork is a signed and numbered limited edition of 50 copies, and contains 48 photographs over 48 pages, printed on 150 gsm art paper, 158 x 108mm.

Copies can be obtained directly from me at:
Prices are, €25 / £20 / US$30 / NZ$38, which includes packing and postage. For payment you can simply log on to my PayPal account using my email address above.


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