Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pieter Hugo and Quentin Bajac workshop at St Paul St Gallery, Auckland

Pieter Hugo and Quentin Bajac
An intensive but laid back three days ended last Sunday with photographers from all parts of New Zealand and Australia taking part in the annual AUT St Paul St Gallery workshop, this year with South African photographer Pieter Hugo and Paris based curator Quentin Bajac. Following the successful format established with the first workshop six year ago Pieter and Quentin talked about their respective practices and then participants presented work for review and discussion.

Some unsolicited comments:

Thanks again for organizing the course it was very thought provoking.
Melissa C

I thought Pieter and Quentin were fabulous and asked just the right questions...very constructive and honest feedback. Pieter was spot on and very sharp with his comments, not in any way brutal but brilliantly thought provoking. So was meeting everyone else and seeing their drive, work and interest. Fantastic!
Kathrin S

For me, I think one of the really interesting things was the power of the critique.
Malcolm Mc

I loved the course though. I learnt a huge amount about photography and really valued meeting everyone. Quentin and Pieter were fantastic. 
Kriselle B

Just want to thank you for organising another great Photography workshop - it was great in all respects. Thanks for bring Pieter and Quentin over, I really enjoyed their presentations and their critiques, and as always you did a great job! 
Dieneke J

The course certainly ticked the boxes for me and I would be interested in the next one as well. Thank you, it is a real quality investment for us here so far from the photographic communities.
Lester B

Thanks Harvey, Pieter and Quentin's remarks and suggestions have had a major impact on me....I'm feeling much more encouraged (and confident now) to carry on doing my self-directed projects. 
Jan Y

I have hardly been able to sleep since the weekend, so much going on in my head and I have so many ideas re 'intentionality'. The feedback was terrific for me, I wish I had recorded it!
Wendy B

The workshop has definitely given me some things to ponder and ideas to nurture, as well as lots of studying to do! Thank you for inviting me to participate and for the time and thought you put into the workshop. 
Jade A


Pieter Hugo said...

What a fantastic workshop with generally high quality and inspiring work. My most sincere gratitude to Harvey for his very generous hospitality and for bringing us all the way to New Zealand.

Harvey's Blog said...

thanks Pieter, it was amazing to have you guys here in Auckland and your preparedness to make the long haul from so far away. The feedback I have had from participants has been wonderful and everybody has commented on the incredible generosity from you and Quentin.... sincere thanks.