Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Andy Adams and the FlakPhoto network

Andy Adams (whose website you can look at HERE) is a Madison, Wisconsin based photographer, photo-educator, writer, blogger, curator and web-master extraordinaire. With his many web-based projects Andy does more than anybody else I know to connect the diverse yet very singular contemporary photographic world.

Andy says this, I'm passionate about working with digital media to promote arts and culture experience. For the past five years, my projects have explored the intersection of online publishing, social media, and community collaborations in contemporary photography. In my spare time I publish, an online art space that celebrates the culture of image-making by promoting the discovery of artists from around the world. One of the best parts about producing is connecting with photographers that I admire - and helping them get their work seen by a wider audience online. The Internet connects the world, and in doing so, is fostering the growth of a global online photographic community.

As if FlakPhoto isn't enough Andy Adams has also has created two Facebook photography groups. Flak Photo Network, and Flak Photo Books, which as I write have memberships of 3294 and 936 respectively.

You can check out HERE

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