Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Kassel Photobook Festival moves to Paris in 2012

As 2012 is Documenta year in Kassel, next year the 5th International Photobook Festival will be held in Paris at the influential Le Bal photospace. During April 20 to 22 the photobook will be the focus with a program of lectures and a curated market place. The festival will also present the 2012 Dummy and Photobook Awards selected in Paris by a jury of experts. The awards presentation will take place on Saturday, 21 April. 

International Photobook Dummy Award 2012
Photographers are invited to present their completed dummy of unpublished photobook works to an international jury. The best 50 books will be exhibited at Le Bal as an important part of the festival. From these 50 chosen titles a first prize will be selected which is a complete book production by publishers Seltmann+Soehne.
Entries close on 31 March 2012 and there is a registrations fee of 32 Euros.

Le Bal has fast become a shaker and mover in the already dynamic Paris photo scene. At the heart of Le Bal are the 300 square metres of exhibition space on two levels. The rectangular space (100 sq m) on the ground floor is covered by an Art Deco glass canopy. The split-level rectangular space in the basement (200 sq m) will accommodate multiple formats, installations and screenings. Le Bal Café and Le Bal Books open onto the alley, a community garden and the neighbourhood as a whole. A glass-walled terrace provides a view of the garden and a moment of calm, just a hundred metres from the hustle and bustle of Avenue de Clichy. Le Bal in Paris.

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