Friday, November 25, 2011

José Pedro Cortes - Things Here and Things Still to Come

One of my discoveries at OffPrint during Paris Photo was a new book from Portuguese photographer José Pedro Cortes, Things Here and Things Still to Come published by his own imprint Pierre von Kleist Editions.
Cortes photographs in cities and the images in this handsome book  weave a strange, compelling narrative that connects the city of Tel Aviv and the lives of four young Jewish women.

Cortes says this about the book. "For nine months I lived in Tel Aviv. During this period I met four young Jewish women who were born in the USA. They had all decided, at the age of 18, to go to Israel to do the military service. After completing the required two years of service, they decided to stay and live in this idyllic Middle Eastern city."

"Things Here and Things Still to Come" 

published November 2011 by Pierre von Kleist editions, 120 pages, 31x24.5 cm, with 65 photographs, You can order the book here. And a see a video here 

José Pedro Cortes website 
Pierre von Kleist Editions website

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