Thursday, June 30, 2011

John Waters - Books and more

I found this slim but action packed book (AMMO Books) on the life and works of John Waters in Paris's wonderful remainder art book shop in the Marais, the shop I think is called Mona Lisa. Waters is famous for his, some would say tacky, movies like Female Trouble, Polyester and Hairspray. And a couple of years ago I'd seen a show of Waters plastic art at a NYC dealer gallery and had been blown away by his perception, humor and inventiveness, tacky too.
What I didn't know was that Waters is a book collector. In my new Waters book are some close-ups of his library. He's got books by: Ed Ruscha, Warhol (of course), Gerhard Richter, Luc Tymans, Fischli and Weiss, Martin Parr, Diane Arbus and on Japanese Photography, Contemporary German Photography.... and these are just a few of the photography books.

And for dedicated fans, John Waters will be presenting his one-man show This Filthy World at Auckland's Civic Theatre on Wednesday November 2.

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