Sunday, June 26, 2011

Auckland - SURFACE, photographs from Becky Nunes and Jan Young

It was a pleasure to return to Auckland and see Becky Nunes and Jan Young's collaborative show SURFACE at NKB Gallery in Auckland's Mt Eden. It came as no surprise to find a knock-out, cohesive show with images that would not be out of place in one of Paris's better dealer galleries.
Both sets of work compliment each other and the works by these two photographers are able to coexist in one room because the artists share a basic project, and find disparate means to depict the impermanence of the subjects they are freezing in time. And each in their own way are dealing with the business of seeing, seeing beyond the obvious and a search for the hidden and something inside ourselves. I liked how the works were simple, yet loaded with possibilities. Profound. Authentic. I left the gallery thinking I have to go and photograph NOW, always a sign that what I've just seen has confirmed the power of a medium which so often is dull, repetitive and just plain bad.

Here are some images:

Becky Nunes

Jan Young

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