Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - possibly the World's best photobook store

If you were ever wanted a reason, other than to see the Cologne Cathedral, to visit that pleasant riverside city, it would be to immerse yourself in photobooks at the store-front location of Established by Markus Schaden and brother Christoph, and now located at 4 Albertustrabe, the shop probably has the best selection of photobooks you will find anywhere. But there is more. You will probably find Markus sitting at his desk at the back and here is a man that knows more about photobooks than just about anybody else I can think of of. Well at least as much as Martin Parr. And that's quite a lot!
And at it's not just your run-of-the-mill Amazon titles, you will also find special editions, signed copies, hybrid books, and titles published by Schaden themselves. Plus innovative projects like The La Brea Matrix.
And if you follow the photofestival circuit you will often find Markus and his team at the best photofestivals; Paris Photo, New York, Los Angeles and the Kassel Photobook Festival.
If you aren't planning a visit to Cologne in the near future you can visit on-line. If you haven't been there already a treat is instore..... enjoy.

Here are some pictures I made at when I was there in May.

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Douglas Stockdale said...

Harvey, thanks, as I already knew that I needed to make this pilgramage someday! I have a feeling it would become an addiction;- )