Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photographers whose work I like - No 5 / Onaka Koji

It was a pleasure to meet Onaka Koji at the Photobook Festival in Kassel. We swapped books, my Tokyo book YOU ARE HERE for his book The Dog in France, this for him an escape from Tokyo with no particular motive or design. Known for both his color and black and white work Koji's photographs are quietly understated. The black and white photographs in The Dog in France are rich and dense with mysteries lurking in the heavy shadows. Photographs about not much and everything at the same time.

He says of his work: "They are not astonishing scenes, nor are they taken with superb timing. They do not convey mystifying sensations or intense impressions. They do not have healing effects, but neither do they push away viewers. They are not difficult to understand, but they do not provide any definite answers. Much less are they stories or documentaries.”

If you're in Paris The Onaka Koji show is still running at Plac'Art gallery 5 rue de l'ancienne comédi, up until June the 15th.

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