Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lodz - All My Lovin

Back in May I made my third visit to the surprising Polish city of Lodz to visit the 2010 edition of the city's photography festival. Under the banner of All My Lovin, the festival dealt broadly with the issue of relationships. Directed by astute, young and enthusiastic Krzysztof Candrowicz, every year this festival gets better and better!

The festival is centered on the Lodz Art Centre with shows in other venues around the city. The substantial, well designed catalogue detailed the many exhibitions. Divided into main programme and grand prix here there were around 30 exhibitons all of substance. These supported by a photo schools review.

Almost without exception the shows that I saw were single minded and well executed. I guess for me looking at work dealing with matters of the heart I gravitated to the work that came from the heart and had an obvious depth of authenticity. Inevitably though two or three shows appeared contrived and in my opinion effect replaced substance. A slippery slope we all must avoid.

The stand out shows:

Phillip Toledano - Days with my father (2006-2009)
A simple heart felt record of the photographers last days with his dying father

Carolle Benitah - Just the two of us (1994 - ongoing)
A portrait series documenting the evolving relationship between the photographer and her son

Katrin Trautner - Morning Love (2008)
A series celebrating aging, countering societies obsession with youth

The photographs above are spreads from the All My Lovin catalogue of the three shows mentioned here.

If you ever get the chance to visit Lodz for this festival do so. Not only is it a great festival but the city is strange, enigmatic and quite wonderful. Overlay that with the warm, welcoming and friendly Poles and you have a winning combination.

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Sevillian said...

It was great to meet you Harvey! Hope to see you next year...