Monday, March 14, 2016

Photographs in Wellington - a PSYCHO moment


Last weekend in Wellington for PHOTOBOOK NEW ZEALAND. A juggling act, dealing with Fridays bitter southerly driving in direct from Antarctica, looking at photobooks and listening to presentations, meeting friends, and rummaging through op shops and book shops. And not to forget hanging out with dear daughter Zoë.

To prove that I could chew gum and photograph at the same time, I attempted to squeeze in and squeeze off a few photographs.
Edit today, and OMG it looks as if I was having a PSYCHO moment. I mean the Comfort Hotel in Cuba Street and Bates Motel are on different planets...

Don't be put off, Wellington is great -  quirky, idiosyncratic, lovable, where if you half close your eyes you'd swear it was still 1972. Oh, and not an Auckland Trophy Wife in sight... Here are some pictures:

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