Friday, March 18, 2016

Photographers whose work I like - No30/ Gordon Reynolds


American Gordon Reynolds is a former web developer who lives in Sacramento and increasingly spends time in San Francisco. I kept seeing Gordon's work on Instagram and liked what I saw. Perhaps that's because he's looking at the same sort of things that I look at. Whatever the case Gordon Reynolds has a sharp eye for the ordinary and the unusual transforming what he sees into perfect visual Koans. Any attempt to find Gordon's work on-line failed as I later discovered that his only cyber presence is in fact on Instagram.

Gordon says this about his work - I wander, usually in an urban setting, waiting to see what catches my eye. Something almost always does. I don't work on projects but do tend to walk over the same terrain for a long span of time looking for what's changed. Most of my time recently has been spent in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco.Because it's densely populated things tend to change there daily. I am fascinated by what humans do to
the city-scape, especially those things they do offhand, things discarded, or put aside, those temporary alterations they make that will disappear shortly. The evanescence of those changes makes for poignant photographs.

Here is a selection of Gordon's photographs....

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