Thursday, November 12, 2015

OFFPRINT PARIS - Opens tonight


Offprint Projects is an independent publishing fair and forum that focuses on specific thematic areas in numerous locations; featuring publications on art, photography, design, experimental music, open culture and activism. Focusing on discerning practices in these fields, we aim to offer members of these communities a context in which they can maintain their integrity, their critical voice and their social role while dealing with external factors (the market, urbanism, press and communication). 
Acknowledging the qualitative and unique publishing practices, Offprint also seeks to bring a larger and dedicated audience into contact with these publishers, both online and offline. Crossing over between disciplines is an integral part of this process. From its origins, as an arts organization supporting artist projects as well as mounting the annual Offprint Paris publishing fair, Offprint stands for the legitimacy of our field and its discourses.
At the same time, however, it aims to reconnect the arts with society; putting aside a market imperative for novelty in favour of art-based projects with broader social concerns. We strongly dismiss any use of art as a strategy for social discrimination. Finally, Offprint operates chiefly as a non-profit, with participants motivated by ideals, in order to promote invention and experimentation within the art world – and beyond. Offprint 2015 showcases more than 125 publishers from some 20 countries.

Beaux–Arts de Paris, 14 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
12 –15 November 2015 / Thursday: Opening 5pm – 9pm / Friday: 1pm–8pm / Saturday & Sunday: 11am–7pm / and on the web HERE.

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