Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Martin Essl - Le Château Rouge N° 1


Austrian photographer Martin Essl, now based in Paris, has just produced his first book Le Château Rouge – N° 1, published this year by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin.
Martin was kind enough to send me a copy. Thank you Martin.

My first impression of Château Rouge is that the book is a beautiful object. It looks good and feels good in the hands and the banderole is a nice touch. The work itself is a testament to seeing, and the power of acute observation. Martin's photographs are quiet and well seen, full of wonder, depth and beauty too. I'm now looking forward to seeing Le Château Rouge – N° 2.

You can get a copy of Château Rouge – N° 1 direct from Martin Essl HERE.

Château Rouge – N° 1 / 52 four-color plates / 112 pages / Hardback / Clothbound in banderole / First Edition of 950 / Signed

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