Saturday, October 24, 2015

John Gossage - all you ever wanted to know about making photobooks


Over the weekend of December 5 and 6 at Aperture Foundation New York, you can join photographer John Gossage renowned as do-it-all photographer, book designer, production manager and publisher, for a two-day workshop that will guide participants through the process of producing a photobook. From conception to completion, participants will learn how to deal with decisions, ranging from creative, conceptual and aesthetic choices to budgetary options, while developing a photographic project into book form.

Gossage will present an overview of the photobook-making process and lead conversations about specific books brought in by the participants. He will then review each participant’s proposed book project while engaging the group in discussion. Gossage will be joined by Aperture’s senior editor, Denise Wolff, for a conversation about how Aperture develops its publications and how its editors work with photographers. A few other special guests will stop by throughout the weekend to share their insights on photobook-making. Working step-by-step through the process of creation, with personalized advice, each participant will come closer to finalizing their photobook.

Participants are required to bring a proposed book project at any stage of completion, from a group of pictures to a completed mock-up, as well as a photobook they admire, to share with the group for discussion. Lunch and light refreshments will be served both days.

John Gossage is regarded as one of the finest American photobook-makers of the last forty years. This is a workshop not to be missed.

Presented by Aperture at a very reasonable $500. You can find out more and register HERE.

John Gossage - The Pond

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christian said...

I don't know, in the world in which I live, $500.00 for a two day workshop is far from reasonable. Somebody making $15.00 an hour would have to work over 33 hours to make that!