Saturday, September 12, 2015

Radius Books - 2015 benefit auction, with a standout offering from John Gossage


Radius Books is a non-profit publishing company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through their publication, education and donation programs, Radius Books creates and promotes an ongoing dialogue among writers, thinkers, and artists. Over the past eight years, they have published 96 titles with a wide variety of contemporary artists, estates, and museums. Through their Library and School Donation Program, over 40,000 thoughtfully-crafted art books have been donated to libraries, schools, and art programs across the US.

You can go to the Radius Auction 2015 site HERE.

Among the standout work offered by the Radius Auction is an Artist Book made by John Gossage. The work consists of 3 archival pigment prints, housed in 3 handmade museum board portfolios, which are held together by super magnets. It measures 15 x 12 x 2.5 inches.

This is a one-of-a-kind object made from the dummy used to fabricate the "disorderly edition" of John Gossage: pomodori a grappolo published by Radius Books, 2015. Three museum-board, handmade "books" are linked together with magnets. These were made by the Italian printer of the book (so that Gossage could place the magnets and see the arrangement of the 3 books). This unique remnant from the design process has now been made into a housing for 3 prints, each signed by the artist. JG kindly donated the work to the auction.

What struck me when looking at Gossages bookwork (I had seen the trade edition at Paris Photo) was a reminder of JG's mastery of the photobook form. I can think of few other photographers who can match Gossage's consistent inventiveness, freshness and sense of vision when working with the book medium. Of course any photobook is only as good as the pictures contained in the work and Gossage never fails to excel in that department  The three images offered clearly show the masters skill of balancing quiet simplicity with loaded and layered complexity. Very easy to say but extremely difficult to do.

John Gossage - from  Pomodori A Grappolo

John Gossage - from  Pomodori A Grappolo

John Gossage - from  Pomodori A Grappolo

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