Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lucas Foglia - Beauty and Solidarity in the American West, The New York Times LENS Blog reports

Lucas Foglia - Stanley. Carlin, Nev. 2012

In the late fall of 2009, the photographer Lucas Foglia set out on a rural road in Wyoming and got caught up in the vastness of the land. For Mr. Foglia, raised on a small farm on Long Island, the landscape he encountered was “bigger and harsher” than any he had ever seen. To his right hung a blue sky over acres of snow-covered sagebrush, but straight in front of his car was a storm cloud. Blinded by the snowstorm’s “white wall of cloud,” he skidded off the road. After about 20 minutes of silence (amplified by the lack of cars and cellphone reception), a pickup truck pulled over. The driver stepped out, grabbed a rope from the back and towed Mr. Foglia’s car back to the road. Mr. Foglia had an immediate realization. In the American West, the communities were a “tight net and people took care of each other, because they had to in a place like that,” he said.

Lucas Foglia - Thomas and Kimberly, Swimming. Jeffrey City, Wyo, 2010

Lucas Foglia - Soccer practice, Star Valley Braves. Afton, Wyo. 2010

Lucas Foglia - Ron, town historian. Auburn, Wyo. 2010

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