Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Photographers whose work I like - No27/ Dieter de Lathauwer

Dieter de Lathauwer - from the series today is not a lucky day for you

I met Dieter de Lathauwer briefly at Photo London back in May of this year. Dieter messaged me on facebook and now we are fb friends. Looking at Dieter's website I liked what I saw. His work mostly deals with landscape. But he mixes things up a bit, and there is wry sense of humor running through the work. De Lathauwer's work is spare yet loaded. The pictures convey a sense of something just happened or something about to and his restricted color pallet underlines the sense of mystery. And close to my heart, this guy has an ear an eye a whatever for compelling titles for his series. Get these: The elephant and the bubble, today is not a lucky day for you, 25 landscapes and a suicide note. WTF, you just have to find put more.
In keeping with his photography Dieter de Lathauwer's about bit on his website is equally spare. He says that he is a visual artist/photographer who lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. He is also a member of PHOTOLIMITS  a belgium based platform for documentary photography. You can go to his website HERE.

Below are some photographs from Dieter's 2011 series Sada. He describes the work:  A poetic series influenced by the start of the crisis in Portugal. The river Sado guided me from the capital Lisboa to the touristic Algarve. It is about landscapes I want to wrap around me like a warm strange cloth, and interiors as entrances to escapes. I love that last sentence! Not to mention the pictures!

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