Thursday, July 23, 2015

Andrew Phelps - new bookwork, cubic feet / sec.

Andrew Phelps' latest bookwork arrived in my mail box a little while ago (thank you Andrew). The book documents three decades of Andrew traveling through the Grand Canyon by boat with his father. But the book is more than just a family adventure story. Cubic feet is a moving and seductive book, it speaks of trust, connection, humanity and the grandeur of America. It's a welcome and persuasive antidote to what for many has become a failed society, full of of violence, racism, corruption and greed. Little wonder Andrew has been living in Europe since the 90's. I recommend this book for its quiet authenticity.

Below are images from the book, you can see more on Andrew Phelps' website HERE where you can also buy the book. The book is 108 pages, 18x23 cm, soft-bound, with gate fold covers.

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