Monday, April 6, 2015

Philip-Lorca diCorcia talks about his latest body of work - East of Eden

Philip-Lorca diCorcia - Genesis,2015

On today's Artspace edition Philip-Lorca diCorcia talks about the inspiration behind his new series East of Eden.

This latest body of work, East of Eden (showing at David Zwirner in Chelsea, NYC until May 2), finds diCorcia leaning in the direction of more transparent staging. Its hallmarks are carefully posed subjects, cinematic lighting, and overt Biblical references. Cain and Abel, for instance, shows two men wrestling with each other as a nude pregnant woman—an latter-day Eve—looks on. "East of Eden” is also a particularly American narrative of loss and disappointment, one that nods to John Steinbeck’s novel of the same title and to the financial crisis that began in 2008 (the year diCorcia started the series).

And on the the American financial crisis diCorcia comments... is, in a way, a bitter memory for most people. But I think the scar that’s left is gross income inequality. To some degree it’s gotten even worse—people have shifted their attention from just wanting to be rich to wanting to be rich and famous. If they could afford it, I’m sure most people would get themselves a Kim Kardashian ass implant. The world has not moved on—they’re just as stupid, just as ready to get taken by the next huckster.

The Artspace piece touches on di Corcia learning to love digital manipulation, using fashion commissions as a springboard, and having "control over the surprise.”

You can find the whole interview HERE, it's a good read.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia - Cain and Abel, 2013

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