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Marks of Honour - revisited at The PhotoBookMuseum Cologne


The exhibition shows the inspiration a new generation of photographers has had from the history of photography in the form of books. The photo book is a source for artistic inspiration and creative reference, especially since Robert Frank published his Les Américains in 1958. Photography in books has not only influenced collectors and curators, but also generations of photographers.
54 international photographers were invited to choose a photo book, which was influential to the formation of their work, and to pay it artistically homage. All participating works contain the original photo book and its complementary ‘homage’. Besides the original works the exhibition consists of multimedia presentations, photographs and reproductions.

Marks of Honour is a library that references to the important historical influences in contemporary photography. It was initiated in 2005 by Markus Schaden (, Cologne) and Willem van Zoetendaal (Van Zoetendaal Gallery, Amsterdam). 2008 the project was continued by photographers Nina Poppe and Verena Loewenhaupt. There was a major exhibition at FOAM, Amsterdam and at several international exhibition spaces. A catalogue has been published by

Editions of Marks of Honour 2005* & 2008**

*Morten Andersen (NO)
Aperture: Black Sun: The Eyes of Four
Box with book and Leporello of barite prints.
*Paul Andriesse (NL)
Robert Adams: What we bought: The New World
Book with b/w-print.
**Harvey Benge (NZ)
William Eggleston: Guide
Artist book of 16 pages, hand written text and four tipped in photographs, one inserted loose. Both books contained in a slipcase.
*Sara Blokland (NL)
Collected publications of Alex and Linda Blokland
2 boxes with inkjet prints.
*Machiel Botman (NL)
Daniel Seymour: A loud song
Book with 3 barite prints and text.
*Koos Breukel (NL)
Ed van der Elsken: Avonturen op het Land
Book integrated in box with 4 silver gelatine prints.
*Olivier Cablat (F)
Tribute to Panini Sticker Album Champions League 1999/2000
Book with reproductions of the Panini stickers, sorted to a typology study.
*Serge Clément (CA)
John Max: Open Passport
Special box with 2 books and metal plate.
**Chris Coekin (GB)
Hendrick Duncker & Yrjo Tuunanen: Hay on the Highway
Book in box with hay and wrapped in eco/farmer bag, 4 pictures of himself hitchhiking plus one of the original signs "Hay on the Highway".
*Eli Content (NL)
Johan v/d Keuken: Wij zijn 17
Book with added c-prints.
*Nicolas Descottes (F)
Daido Moriyama: Memories of a Dog
Box with book and 7 c-prints.
*Leo Divendal (NL)Box Noritoshi Hirakawa: Matters 1988 – 1997
Japenese box with book and inkjet printed book.
*Charlotte Dumas (NL)
The Cavalry of Worldwar II
Book with drawing on the cover and foreword.
*Bertrand Fleuret (F)
Robert Frank: The Americans
LeeFriedlander: Autoportrait
Box with repro slides of the original books and book with barite prints.
*Andreas Friedrich (D)
Michael Light: Full Moon
Book with 1 c-print (different photos in each edition).
*Julian Germain (GB)
Owners workshop manual (Auto mechanic handbook)
Book with inkjet prints and 1 c-print.
*Stephen Gill (GB)
Bertien van Manen: A hundred summers, a hundred winters
Box in linen bag with book, 1 c-print of Gill and 1 c-print of van Manen (each box another picture).
**Peter Granser (D)
Robert Frank: The Americans
Box from linnen with book and a map with 5 pigment prints on Fine Art Pearl Paper.
*Jacqueline Hassink (NL)
Fortune Magazine
Book made of five Fortune magazines with added inkjet prints.
*Elias Hassos (D)
Stephen Shore: American Surfaces 1972
Box with book and 7 c-prints.
*Koen Hauser (NL)
Original pictures from the book replaced by found images.
*Todd Hido (USA)
Susan Sontag: On Photography
Box with book and 5 c-prints.
**Pieter Hugo (ZA)
Roland Barthes: Camera Lucida
4 prints and book embedded in velvet in a coffin.
**Tiina Itkonen (FI)
Pentti Sammallahti: Musta Taide
5 prints (about 20x30 cm) and book in a box.
*Cuny Janssen (NL)
Robert Adams: Why People photograph
Book with bellyband and 1 c-print.
**Onaka Koji (JP)
Daido Moriyama: Tales of Tonho
Book, contactsheet and 5 pictures (about 27x32 cm) in handmade wooden box.
*Dirk Kome (NL)
Garry Winogrand: El juego de la fotografía. The Game of Photography
Box with book and 5 c-prints.
*Paul Kooiker (NL)
Fischli / Weiss: Musée d'art moderne Paris
Pictures printed on the backside of the original posters.
*Katrin Korfmann (D)
Hans-Peter Feldmann: Das kleine Möwenbuch
Box with book and flip-book.
*Jan Koster (NL)
Luchtfotoatlas Zeeland
5 c-prints added to book.
**Jens Liebchen (D)
Anthony Hernandez: Sons of Adam
A sequence of 3 images presented as a Leporello, with text and separate book, in a cardboard box.
**Michael Light (USA)
Ansel Adams: Yosemite and the Range of Light
Box, book digsawed along landscape lines; pigment prints atached to certain images in the book
*LPI – Loodwick Press Image (NL)
Italy Today
Wooden box with repro and DVD of the book and two c-prints.
*Simone Nieweg (D)
Arbeitergärten im Ruhrgebiet
Box with book and 3 c-prints.
*Arno Nollen (NL)
Natalia Jaliuk: Seven trees
One inkjet print added to book.
*Martin Parr (GB)
Nobuyoshi Araki: The Banquett
Book in box with Leporello and 5 c-prints.
*Nina Poppe & Verena Kaltenbach (D)
Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane
Bag with book, set of letters, booklet and 6 c-prints.
**Mark Power (USA)
Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places - Amerika
Custom made box with book and 4 large format c-prints.
*Diana Scherer (D)
Moord in Rotterdam
Box with book and 6 barite prints.
*Ken Schles (USA)
Photography, a critical history
Remake of the original book with his own pictures
*Joachim Schmid (D)
Marshall McLuhan: The medium is the massage
Box with book, 1 c-print and text.
*Johannes Schwartz (D)
J. Godefroy: Perzische Tapijten
Book with added inkjet prints and Arabian notebook.
*Oliver Sieber & Katja Stuke (D)
The Manipulator
different editions of The Manipulator, 5 copies with a c-print of Stuke and 5 with a c-print of Sieber + photomagazine Frau Böhm.
**Matthew Sleeth (AU)
Lars Tunbjörk: The Office
The edition contains three books attached to each other: a fold out book with „Office“ bound to the middle and then two selfmade inkjet books („Fire extinguishers“ and „Houseplants“) each side folding over the top.
**Alec Soth (USA)
Andrea Modica: Treadewell
Leporello of 2 photographs and box with book.
**Jules Spinatch (CH)
various artists: Block 2008
8 booklets made out of the calender Block 2008; one for each artist in a box with the title: Deblocked.
*Harold Strak (NL)
Time Life International: Fotografie als werktuig
Inkjet prints added to the book and 1 fold out transparent print.
Jack Smith: Flaming Creature
Book with page of felt and 2 b/w-prints.
*Ruth van Beek (NL)
Peter Supf: De Wereld uit de Lucht
Collages added to the book.
*Carla van de Puttelaar (NL)
Samuel B. Schaeffer: Pose Please
Box with book and 2 c-prints in a hidden drawer.
*Mark van den Brink & Andy Bosma (NL)
Andy Bosma: Kuranwendungen
Booklet + booklet made by Bosma and van den Brink, with photos by van den Brink.
*Bertien van Manen (NL)
Julien Germain: For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness
Book with personal Photoalbum.
**Raimond Wouda (NL)
Paul Shambroom: Meetings
3 pictures as inkjets in the book; they continue the book as leporello.
*Wolfgang Zurborn (D)
Lee Friedlander: Like a one eyed cat
Box with book and inkjet printed book with c-print on cover.

Harvey Benge honours William Eggleston...


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