Friday, October 3, 2014

BLIND SPOT - Editions

Mitch Epstein - European Beech, Prospect Park, 2012

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary BLIND SPOT magazine presents a new series of editions. BLIND SPOT published its inaugural issue in 1993, and is still the only journal that focuses solely on photographs. Since its launch, BLIND SPOT has featured over 400 living artists. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the magazine, BLIND SPOT presents limited edition prints from a group of artists representing the range of work that appears in their pages. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit organization that publishes BLIND SPOT, and supports their mission to creating unique opportunities for living artists to present significant new photographic work.

Artists who have created editions include John Baldessari, Uta Bath, Edward Burtynsky, Mitch Epstein, Jason Evans, Justine Kurland, Richard Misrach, Vik Muniz, and James Welling. To see all available BLIND SPOT Editions, click here.

Ron Jude - Near the 45th parallel

Katy Grannan - Billy, Corona Heights, SF, 2005

John Baldessari - Millennium Piece, (with pink cup) 1999

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