Saturday, August 23, 2014

The PhotoBookMuseum opened in Cologne this week


The much anticipated PhotoBookMuseum opened in Cologne this week. The brain child of photobook expert Markus Schaden, the museum will help further consolidate the place of the photobook as an important art-form in its own right.

The PhotoBookMuseum is a tribute to the central form of expression within photography: The photobook. As a public institution it will create a platform for exhibitions, archives, collections, events and education dedicated to the photobook. To introduce the concept, the Photoszene Köln will present an international exposition at the Carlswerk in Cologne-Mülheim from August to October 2014. The program will include exhibitions, workshops, PhotoBookStudies, talks and discussions.

A stella group of photographers were at the opening including Oliver Sieber, Carlos Spottorno, Todd Hido, Ed Templeton and David Alan Harvey.

You can see more including the full programme of events HERE.

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