Friday, August 29, 2014


Now in its seventh edition photography experts from around the world were asked to nominate their favourite photobook from the previous year and to justify their choice. The result - 30 books from 34 jurors.

Christopher Anderson »Stump« – selected by Thiijs groot Wassink / WassinkLundgren
Paul Andriesse »Compared to What « – selected by Cuny Janssen
Ruth van Beek »The Arrangement« – selected by Willem van Zoetendaal
Pawel Bownik »Disassembly« – selected by Thomas Sauvin
Frédéric Brenner »An Archeology of Fear and Desire« – selected by Laura Moya
Lard Buurman »Africa Junctions« – selected by Viviane Sassen
John Cage and William Gedney »Iris Garden« – selected by Jason Fulford
Piergiorgio Casotti »Sometimes I cannot smile« – selected by Ed Templeton
Mark Cohen »Dark Knees« – selected by Kevin Messina
Diverse »The Unphotographable« – selected by Paul Schiek
Eamonn Doyle »i« – selected by Martin Parr
Verónica Fieiras »the disappeared (1st and 2nd edition)« – selected by Josef Chladek
Joan Fontcuberta »Trepat« – selected by Xavier Barall and Timothy Prus
Jim Goldberg »Rich and Poor« – selected by Mikhael Subotzky
Guido Guidi »Veramente« – selected by Delphine Bedel
David Hornillos »Mediodía« – selected by Julián Barón and Ricardo Cases
Thilde Jensen »The Canaries« – selected by Gerry Badger and John Gossage
Vladislav Krasnoshek and Sergiy Lebedynskyy »Euromaidan« – selected by Hannah Watson
Jochen Lempert »Phenotype« – selected by Sebastian Arthur Hau
David Magnusson »Purity« – selected by Markus Schaden and Carlos Spottorno
Thomas Mailaender »The Night Climbers of Cambridge« – selected by Rémi Faucheux
Peter Mitchell »Strangely Familiar« – selected by Gordon MacDonald
Sakiko Nomura »Tamano« – selected by Nobuyoshi Araki
Momo Okabe »Bible« – selected by Manik Katyal
Aleix Plademunt »Almost There« – selected by Tony Cederteg
Michael Schmidt »Natur« – selected by Thomas Weski
Giovanna Silva »Inch by Inch House by House Alley by Alley« – selected by Kent Klich
Mikhael Subotzki »Ponte City« – selected by Susan Meiselas
Vasantha Yogananthan »Piémanson« – selected by Sonia Berger
Daisuke Yokota »Linger« – selected by José Pedro Cortes

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