Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photographers whose work I like - No20/ Bruno Zhu


Bruno Zhu was born in Portugal and lives and works between Paris and London. A strange combination of name and place. And it's the same with Bruno's photographs. Here is a photographer who not only knows the value of chance but circumstance too. Circumstance as one picture relates to another adding energy and power to a work. It's clear that Bruno Zhu has a clear conceptual and visual strategy for his picture making, asking questions of himself and demanding that the reader of his work do the same.

Zhu's 72 page bookwork TURBO 85 is in his own words - a brief analysis of the urban skeleton undertaken in the areas of Nation and La Défense Paris, France.
I know La Défense quite well and have often been there to shoot, but never pictures quite like these. TURBO 85 is sublimely banal and ordinary yet there is something else in this work that keeps me looking.

His Compact series or journey as he calls it is stranger still. Simple images mashed together into new compositions. Zhu says of it - I wanted to present Compact as a platform where I could highlight my thought process so to deconstruct the notion of what a photograph is. In the heart of the series lies a necessity to destroy and rebuild data in order to retrace the movement of photographing.

Here is work and a photographic practice well worth checking out. You can do so HERE.
And HERE too.

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