Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Paul Salveson - an alien mind


Announced at the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards at the Sony World Photography Awards on 25 April, Between The Shell is the title of Paul Salveson's bookwork which won the First Book Award for 2013. The book will be published by MACK later this year.

Salveson’s work was selected by a panel of five judges from 100 invited submissions by international photographers. The judges were: Michael Mack (MACK), Polly Fleury (Wilson Centre for Photography London), Liz Jobey (FT Weekend Magazine), Greg Hobson ((National Media Museum ) and photographer Clare Strand.

Making use of commonplace objects Salveson's photography is the theatre of the absurd. He says of his work: Often my photographic process unfolds like a private performance in an empty house, or after everyone falls asleep. My engagement emerges from a perspective that precedes familiarity, disregarding the functions and cultural associations that objects are assigned. I try to process my surroundings with an alien mind.

You can go to the First Book Award site HERE 
and Paul Salveson's HERE.


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