Monday, January 28, 2013

Wolfgang Tillmans - Neue Welt (New World) - 2012

Paul Loomis writes in ASX American Suburb about Wolfgang Tillman's new bookwork Neue Welt published in 2012 by Taschen.
Throughout this explosion of images, Tillmans seems to know exactly what to do with each and every one. There is a very careful eye at work in these pages, and the photographs mesh even though they shouldn’t. They are layered on top of each other, stacked horizontally and vertically, and placed from page to page in a way that seems natural in its effortlessness.  You can read the full piece HERE.

I bought this book and keep coming back to it. It is at once simple and complex too, and continues Tillman's exploration into the nature of Truth.The relentless images are an acute observation of the strange unpredictability of the human condition. As Tillman's says of himself he has an open anxiety-free gaze. The work is about connections and disconnections, images seemingly thrown together that shouldn't be, well known iconography and the unknown. He says, the most interesting question is - what is normal? Who decides what is aestheticizing, what is research, what is familiar, what is exotic? Pictures are always the transcription of an experiencing of the world.
And an experience it is, a surprising combination of all these things. A book well worth checking out and adding to your library. Amazon has it HERE.

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nicolas dusart said...

agree with you Harvey, good book