Sunday, October 21, 2012

Todd Hido's new book, Excerpts From Silver Meadows to launch at Paris Photo

Named after the Ohio development where he grew up, Todd Hido's new book Excerpts From Silver Meadows will launch at Paris Photo this November. 

Todd reports, officially it’s going to be released at Paris Photo. I’m very excited about it. It’ll definitely be interesting. It’s got these four double gatefold sections so you literally have to sit down at a table, pause life and stop looking at other stuff to see these pictures. You won’t be able to look at the gatefolds without sitting down. They’re in four 16-inch sections.

Todd is best known for his photographs of suburban houses at night, his Hopper-esque portraits of women in murky hotel rooms, and more recently, cold, desolate landscapes framed by fogged windshields.
There is a conversation between Todd Hido and writer / photographer Jacob Pastrovich on BOMBLOG. It's well worth a read.

Todd Hido, #10791

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