Sunday, October 14, 2012

John Gossage x 2, plus Michael Abrams

It was an unexpected pleasure and surprise to collect from the post office a massive over-sized box that contained John Gossage's two new books, She Called Me By Name and The Actor. And as a bonus treat Michael Abrams new book Welcome to Springfield.

Gossage's books consistently amaze. Book Guru he certainly is. Always fresh, always inventive and never failing to go beyond the obvious. And just when you think it's safe to venture into the bookstore he hits you with something outlandishly new!
She Called Me By Name, produced in an edition of just 500, is an over-sized 20" x 17" with 18 recent portraits of adolescents made in Rochester and Tuscon, Arizona. These are unlikely subjects for Gossage, but like his more recognizable work these pictures exhibit his forensic attention to selective focus and a masters control of the picture plane from edge to edge.
The Actor presents a series of 4 x 5 inch black and white contact prints, view camera photographs of banks made in 1975. A book that deals with the issue of thievery, highly relevant in these troubled times.

Michael Abrams book Welcome to Springfield continues his exploration of vernacular images and their ability to trigger memories of our own past experience and hometown memories. This is  a quirky journey through a fictional "Springfield" bouncing between the sacred and profane and the exquisite and the ordinary. John Gossage's stunning book design completes the magic.

You can see more of these three exceptional book works by going to the LOOSESTRIFE EDITIONS site HERE

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