Thursday, September 29, 2011 - Friends Collection: A Picture for Home

“A Picture for Home” is made up of works by photographers who are close to the last 15 years of the Schaden photobook phenomenon,  and have been involved in the history. The title is a tribute to the famous project “Pictures From Home” by Larry Sultan and this project will be a pivotal event for photography and

“A Picture for Home” will bring together 500 members of the extended family (250 photographers and 250 collectors/photobook fans) in a huge event during Paris Photo 2011.

Some of the photographers involved include,  Alec Soth, Anders Petersen, Antoine d'Agata, Donovan Wylie,  JH Engstrom, Jim Goldberg, John Gossage, Lewis Baltz, Mark Power, Martin Parr, Pieter Hugo, Roger Ballen, Stephen Shore, Todd Hido and many more.

Each invited photographer chooses a photograph they’d consider “A Picture for Home.” This term can be interpreted loosely;  the photo is one that, hanging on a kitchen or bedroom wall, might provide a daily inspiration or perspective for an anonymous but universal  “home”. The prints are signed by the photographer “for Friends Collection.”
An important supplement to the project will be a catalogue (to be designed by Greger Ulf Nilson) including reproductions of each print. Each photographer and collector involved will receive this limited edition for free.

“The Schaden-Night of the Year”: The lottery-draw and subsequent pairings (print with proud new owner) will take place during this year’s Paris Photo in November,
MC’ed by Viviane Sassen.

You can jump on board here: join Friends:

Here is my picture for A Picture for Home, which I made in London in June of this year.

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