Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spot the difference: Has Ryan McGinley Ripped-off photographer Janine "Jah Jah" Gordon?

Photographer Janine "Jah Jah" Gordon has filed a lawsuit against rising contemporary art star Ryan McGinley alleging that he stole her visual style and subject matter.
The lawsuit against McGinley targets 150 of McGinley's works, ranging from commercial shots for Levis and other companies to earlier pieces by the artist. Top curator Dan Cameron has supported Gordon's case in an affidavit, stating that "Ryan McGinley has derived much of his work from [Gordon's] creations.

Levis--Go Forth (2010) by Ryan McGinley

"Casey at Paramount" (2000) by Janine Gordon

Who was it who said there are only three original ideas in the whole world?
Let the battle commence!

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