Monday, July 4, 2011

Photographers whose work I like - No14/ Thomas Schmidt

I first met Thomas Schmidt over dinner with our mutual friend Simon G. It was in Paris with hefty conversation, and a lake of Bordeaux. This May, back in Paris I went to see Thomas' show "Synthétique", at Galerie Lucile Corty.
The images spoke of all the things I look for in photography. Simple, understated images, loaded with quiet truths.

Thomas says this about his work, "It's the interstices I am interested in. Everything a photography gives up. It's the smallest things, details, the position of a hand, that empowers the singularity of an image. After all, a situation in itself has only the interest that people are willing to put into it. In this, it is about building images whose purpose is to reveal the void around them. Thus, a form of ellipsis, whose stylistic principle builds upon the commonly accepted notion of documentary. Something like the imagined part of photography."

On one gallery wall was an installation of Polaroid works. This image is quite wonderful.

And there were these, all photographs I wish I had made.

You can see more here:

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