Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photographers whose work I like - No 9 / Louis Porter

I was introduced to Louis Porter's work by Paris based photobook collector, blogger and sometimes publisher Laurence Vecten. In 2009 Laurence made a book of Louis's photographs, 100 Flowers. I liked the book, liked the work.
Louis is originally from the north of England but now lives in Melbourne where his sharp eye dissects the city and its suburbs.

Louis has this to say about his practice:

"Whilst I'm generally relatively quick to identify myself as a photographer, or perhaps an artist, it is in the mode of an urban ragpicker (in the Baudelarian sense) that I currently operate. Photography is my tool of choice for compiling a range of unexceptional subjects into a personal and allegorical archive of my surroundings.

These subjects are often the residue of the tiny conflicts that punctuate life: The remains of minor car accidents, spilt drinks, soiled carpets, the broken, poorly built, discarded and disregarded fragments, that viewed from a distance merge together to form a city."

Red Carpet

"The red carpet is synonymous with special occasions, luxury and importance, it turns a simple stroll into a walk of honour. As the colour red is a particularly auspicious one in China, it should be of no surprise that red carpet is a rather common sight throughout the country, adding a regal touch to a variety of situations."

You can see more at: http://www.louisporter

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