Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Photobook in New Zealand - Pictures on Paper


Produced by Auckland based Tangent Photography Collective, this 27 minute documentary - Pictures on Paper - looks at the photobook from the perspective of seven NZ based practitioners: David Cook, Haru Sameshima, Ann Shelton, Solomon Mortimer, Shelley Jacobson, Anita Totha and Harvey Benge. Tangent say this - A look at the photobook phenomenon through the eyes of some of New Zealand's most respected photographers and book makers, this film hopes to inform, inspire and help to start a wider conversation about this burgeoning art form."
The doco is well worth a look if you wanted proof that The Photobook is alive and well in New Zealand. You can find Pictures on Paper HERE.

Haru Sameshima

David Cook

Ann Shelton

Solomon Mortimer

Shelley Jacobson

Harvey Benge

Anita Totha

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