Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jim Goldberg - Raised by Wolves bootleg re-issue


Often considered Goldberg’s seminal project, Raised by Wolves combines ten years of original photographs, text, and other illustrative elements (home movie stills, snapshots, drawings, diary entries, and images of discarded belongings) to document the lives of runaway teenagers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The book quickly became a classic in the photobook canon and, thus, the original is essentially unavailable. In the spirit of Tweeky Dave, Goldberg is releasing a xeroxed bootleg copy of the book with a surprise annotation by the artist. At 9x12 inches, the same size as the original, the re-issue features 320 black and white pages, perfect bound, with a color softcover. The Raised by Wolves bootleg ships in mid-July and comes at a discounted price of $80 plus shipping if pre-ordered. You can order HERE now.

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