Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Photobooks - the best of 2015 from photo-eye


Photo-eye have just published their best-of-list... there are 150 titles that make up their lists with 24 reviewers presenting a point of view. Photo-eye say this: Since 2009, photo-eye’s Best Books feature has been comprised of lists from multiple contributors. In recent years multi-contributor lists appear in an increasing number of venues. At photo-eye, Best Books is not about achieving an authoritative overview. In fact, we're confident in saying no one assembling a multi-contributor year-end best photobook list could possibly expect to meet this goal — it would be antithetical to such a project to begin with. But while the expansion of voices dilutes the concept of arbiters, it better reflects our topic — the varied, expanding and unpredictable world of photobooks, too vast for any one expert to command.

You can check our the photo-eye lists HERE.

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